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The Ultimate Small Business Online Strategy – Sell Online Advertising Success Guides

Posted on May 21, 2019 in Uncategorized

Here is the ultimate small business online strategy: Create an eBook of previously tested advertising that has worked for other small businesses. Record these proven results into your eBook. Break your book down to the very last detail. Divide according to budget, types of web sites and types of advertising.

Make it very easy for a small business to pick up this guide (or view it online if it is a digital book) and simply scroll through it to find a solution that is right for them. Then, as they test the advertising strategies, they can also send you testimonials for future books.

You can also give ratings to specific types of advertisings. Let’s say that you have an example of how one guy did step 1-10 for e-mail marketing and it produced a specific type of result. Now when others in a similar business try the same tactic, they can send in their results and you can get permission to print them in your updated books. Or you can simply have a star listing that represents how well and ad idea has worked for others. For example, 6 out of 10 people received the same level of success.

Be creative and try to come up with some new solutions to the same problems. The internet is changing all the time and so a new book that will help guide small businesses is always a blessing to the newbie internet entrepreneur. If there is a lot of competition, then you know it sells and with FRESH material and a unique way to position your business, you can capture the market and be well on your way to making millions by helping others make millions by selling online advertising success guides.